Sunday Musings


So I’m sitting in a locally owned cafe in A small community just south of the city drinking coffee, doing my readings for Tuesday, waiting. 

First – car isn’t fixed. Leaking coolant still. Back to mechanic on Monday. 

Prescription for my knee cost $431. Not covered at all by my health insurance. 

Son #2 and his gf came over yesterday to bottle the wine that we split the cost of. In the process of sitting hunched over the bottles while Son #2 held the siphon hose in the carboy, hubby put his back out. 

Son #2 has an interview at 12:30 at the a place accessible only by car – for a decent paying full time job that could help him see his future plans realised. 

So I limped across town with no heat, leaving hubby suffering on his back at home, to wait in a cafe while Son #2 goes to this interview. 

If he gets the job, I’m expecting he will want to look for a decent used car. 

He told me the job pays a good amount per hour so. Yeah. He has money saved toward a potential car now. Son #1 told him he should look to have at least $5K. I told him to look for a Honda. Despite the problems I’m currently experiencing, they are reliable cars that hold their value. 

So. That’s my Sunday. 

Going to go read now. I have a paper due Tuesday.