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Wednesday Round Up – On Friday!


It’s been a kind of busy week, subbing has picked up which is good and I completely lost track of what day it was!

Here’s a round up of some stuff I read this week (yeah not really inventive, but I’m tired today!)

Check out The Post I’ve Been Too Embarrassed To Write (and follow the link to part 2) at Becoming Cliche. I really like this blog and she’s much better at regular blogging than I am – she’s writing a blog a day for a year!

Then there’s my constant favourite, TheBloggess with Dare Greatly, But don’t get caught shoplifting. LOVE the cameo of Hunter S. Thomcat in the video!

And finally, Bitches with Books have a new feature, Literary Cocktails! Can’t wait to see all the drinks – and maybe try a few!
That’s it for today. Be good to each other!