It’s Finished!


Okay so nearly 2 years ago, I found this really cool afghan pattern on, and I thought “I could easily do this!” However, having a ton of left over yarn from various finished (and unfinished) projects over the years, I wasn’t going to buy the yarn in the exact colours in the pattern, so I planned my own.

So, in February of 2011, I dug through my old yarn and found enough to make 72 squares in nine different colours that were not dissimilar to the ones in the pattern. Within a month and a half, I had 72 squares knitted.

Then began the sewing process. I started, with the best of intentions, then some things came up and I put the knitting in a bag. Then I moved the bag out of the livingroom. Then I moved it into the spare room.

Then we bought a house and it got packed. (I don’t think I have to mention that we bought the house in December of 2011, do I?)

Afghan Closeup

Here’s a close up of the squares.

Then, I was knitting scarves for the girlfriends for christmas gifts and thought “I should dig out that afghan and finish it.” So, I did. And it’s done. And I feel so good!

This is the look of the squares. I know that the original pattern has crossstiches in white but I’m not yet sure I want to do that on mine. I kind of like the rustic look without them!

Here are two more pics of the finished product. I think it looks pretty nice without the white stitching, though I might still do it.  Does that mean it’s not yet finished?

Let me know what you think!


Here’s my finished afghan!


From a different angle!


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