Wednesday Round Up


I’ve been following some really good blogs lately, and I thought I’d share some stuff I read this week.

First, TheBloggess, Jenny Lawson. I read her book “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” for my book club this month (can’t wait for Friday!) and it made me laugh until I cried so I checked out her blog. Check out her post I read yesterday “Like finding out that you get a free trip to the North Pole but Santa is dead when you get there.” Love love love this post… If you don’t know Tim Minchin he’s wonderful though NSFW! After that, check out the rest of her blog and hey, read her book too!

Next, insatiablebooksluts. Wonderful blog. Loved this article “Where does fan fiction stop and stealing begin?” Really enjoying this new find.

A very funny video from Edenland. “Ladies, It’s Time We Got Real About Being Beautiful”. I hadn’t checked out this blog before, but I will definitely be back!

And finally, BloggingDangerously made me laugh the laugh of recognition with “The To Do List and the Not an Effing Chance in Hell List”.

Happy reading!


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