This has to be a record!


I’m actually making a post just over a month after my last one!

Okay, so my last post was just a recipe, simply posted to share it easily with friends.

So I’ve had not a lot to say of late.

So I wonder if anyone would even be remotely interested in anything I have to say.

And basically, I’m a bit lazy when it comes to blogging. I mean well. I always intend to write in it regularly, but then I think “what could I possibly share that is of any interest?”

Well, let’s see. Updates.

December 2011: We bought a house! It’s a lovely century house in a gorgeous tree filled neighbourhood. It has quirks and strangeness (incredibly low ceiling in the basement bathroom, creaky wooden stairs to the second floor, no bathroom on the main floor!) but I love it. I feel just like Jessica in her daily afirmation. “I love my house!”

View from the "piano room"

“I love my house!”

The main floor was opened up by a previous owner making it feel so lovely and spacious but still retaining that “old house charm”.  And we have a piano room – at least that’s what I was told the room to the right of the front door is called – and we’ve even put a piano in it!

Spring 2012: Made my first foray into being the mother of a son with a girlfriend.  Eek! Yeah, ’nuff said. No posts about it, just big change trying to let out enough independence without completely ignoring propriety.

July 2012: My boys’ baseball team that I manage won the silver medal at our city finals. Sadly, we were the the number one team in the league for the entire season, but with the onset of summer holidays, three of our players were unavailable for city finals, leaving us with only 10 to play our games. Exhausting but fun, four games in two days with the final 3 days later. Took an effort of logical reasoning equivalent to filling in a sudoku blindfolded to plan for pitching without breaking pitching rules (stuff about how many pitches a player is allowed to throw before being rested should be inserted here, but I won’t bore you with that). So we lost the final by one run. One.

Still, I’m incredbly proud of my boys. Managing thirteen boys aged 15, 16 and 17 was fun and they were a great group of kids. Looking forward to next year.


Don’t we look happy?

August 2012: We got married! Yep. Finally made an honest man of the brit. Love him to death, but not in a creepy way! We decided to have a small wedding at home and it was the right choice. Still seems weird to look at his hand and see the wedding ring. But other than that and my name, not much in our relationship has changed. And don’t get me started on the nightmare of name changing!

The pic was snapped by the iPhone belonging to our marriage commissioner. She was great, someone I’d be happy to remain friends with.  Despite hating photos of myself, I think I look pretty nice in my wedding finery and that guy standing next to me is very handsome!

Gotta love that tie! Anyway, the wedding was lovely, my youngest son sang (“When You Say You Love Me” – memorably performed by Josh Groban) as my bridesmaids and I came down the stairs to the waiting family in the livingroom/dining room (see, helps that all the walls were opened up!) and we wrote the ceremony ourselves, with help from our marriage commissioner.  During the signing of the licence, my son sang another song – “When You Say Nothing At All” from the Notting Hill soundtrack.  The entire thing was over way too fast – ceremony took about 15 minutes! Then we just chatted with family and friends while we consumed large amounts of baking, punch and coffee. “I love my life!”

September 2012: Another school year is beginning and with it I’m reminded that six years after making a career changed to become a teacher, I’m still sitting on the sidelines hoping to get a permanent job. I love teaching. Love being part of a school, getting to know the students and staff, getting involved in the extra-curricular life of the school.  But, I’m subbing.

So this year, new attitude. I’m going to embrace my substitute status. I’m going to look on it not as a fallback until I can find a teaching position but as my current career choice. I’m going to love it…like it….pretend to like it.  Well, in any event, I’m going to DO it as many days as I can every month so that I can keep kith and kin together.

That’s it for updates. I’ll try to be more consistent now.


About ninian-poetree

I live in a sitcom. No seriously. I share a century home with an Englishman and a cat named Sophie. Not living with us are my three sons and a step-daughter who visits every other year or so. I'm a mum, a writer, a teacher and an MUFC fanatic.

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