bad blogger


I’m a bad blogger.

Sophie - a little blurry!

Sophie - a little blurry!

That’s the reality. I just can never remember to post anything, and mostly think “who on earth is even interested?” I’m finished my first year as a teacher (yay!) and to celebrate I’ve done very little. I did, however, get a lovely little kitten named Sophie. She’s gorgeous and only 9 months old. She was at the humane society, she had kittens 2 months ago and now she (and the kittens) were up for adoption. It’s amazing she’s a mother cat, she’s still so much of a baby herself!

The picture is kind of blurry, my 11 year old son took it. You can’t really see what a sweetheart she is, but trust me, she’s beautiful. Last night she decided at 4am to go on the kitchen counter and drag the bag of kitty treats out to the living room – where I’ve been sleeping for the air conditioning – and yowl until I woke

Comfy little kitty

Comfy little kitty

up. She was trying to bite through the foil – can’t imagine that was all that pleasant! So, for peace of mind, I got up, gave her some treats, and tried to sleep again.

She proceeded to climb all over me, yowling, just as I would fall back asleep. Good thing I’m on holiday!

One of her favourite places to sleep is the dining room chairs. I found her there this morning, snoozing contendedly. I think you can see her sweet face in this image much better.

She’s turned me into a babbling fool, though. I say all sorts of dopey kitten owner things when I’m around her. Reminded me of the XKCD comic about cat proximity. It’s absolutely true, I do lower intelligence the closer I get to her! XKCD has even graphed it:

xkcd webcomic

Oh well, c’est la. In other news, I’m hoping to have a teaching position for the fall. July is such a fallow month and there are absolutely no postings right now. I just called the Human Resources department for the division I taught in this year and she assured me that if there are jobs available for which I’m qualified, they will send out my resume but the waiting is so difficult.

My life is a waiting game right now. Waiting to take a seminar so I can get into mediation and get more time with my boys. Waiting to figure out if I can even afford to feed myself this fall, never mind them. Waiting for a big plane to arrive in October (gasp) and change everything forever – some good and some bad.

I’m sitting here, in the early morning, sipping my tea, and waiting….


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