frustrated and exhausted


arggg i’m just so frustrated at having to plan meals and cook and trying to do it all with little to no money … how do other people manage? how do they get the nutrients they need and plan the meals and how do they not go stark raving mad?

i guess i’m basically lazy…you know i tell people i never clean — i hate housework..i go through so much to AVOID housework and now i’m actually cleaning my room after a lengthy time of closing my eyes to the mess. taking me days (okay so i’m going through clothes and donating them to charity etc) and it is scary!!!!

so now after a week of planning and cleaning a room i have to sit down and plan two weeks of meals and get the list to go with it …i’m too tired 😦


About ninian-poetree

I live in a sitcom. No seriously. I share a century home with an Englishman and a cat named Sophie. Not living with us are my three sons and a step-daughter who visits every other year or so. I'm a mum, a writer, a teacher and an MUFC fanatic.

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