lost posts


this is really frustrating i typed out a long rant about all my upcoming assignments due at university and the fact that my boss called that i was working today and i DIDN’T know and somehow that’s my fault and how i shouldn’t answer the doggone phone?? (another store called to see if i can work tomorrow) i don’t know i called a couple of times this week and got no answer so what the heck….however i clicked “post & publish” and it DIDN’T WORK!!!! to make it worse i can’t get help from the help feature…and my ftp log says “last published march 29 at 11:20 am” geeeeeez


About ninian-poetree

I live in a sitcom. No seriously. I share a century home with an Englishman and a cat named Sophie. Not living with us are my three sons and a step-daughter who visits every other year or so. I'm a mum, a writer, a teacher and an MUFC fanatic.

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