Who am I?


     My oldest sons, Dougie (9) and Tommy (7 ½) are only 19 months apart. This, I’ve discovered, has been a good and bad thing. Good: they’ve both had a playmate readily available since they were really small. In fact, Dougie doesn’t remember a time when he didn’t have Tommy. Bad: they’ve both had someone to pick on since they were really small. But I jest. Actually they are quite close friends and it does my heart good to see how important they are in each other lives.

     Dougie, being a December baby, is on the smallish side for kids in his age group. Let’s face it some of the kids he is in grade four with have turned 10 already and he won’t be 10 until almost the end of 2001. Tommy is a July baby and tall for his age. As a result, the boys are only about an inch or so different in height. They both have brown hair, and brown eyes, you can definitely tell they are brothers.

     I find it funny when other moms tell me that they have a hard time telling Dougie and Tommy apart though I do see a bit of it when they are all dressed for winter and have on their parkas and balaclavas*. When all I can see are their eyes I notice how much they resemble each other.

     In stores I’ve had people ask me if they are twins and look at me in sympathy when they see little blonde Ian trailing behind.

     But the best thing about my boys is their unique sense of humor. Especially Tommy. I was retelling the story about the mom from Ian’s hockey team who confessed that she can’t tell Dougie and Tommy apart and my subsequent looking up to see them standing, heads together, across the arena and taking a second for me (yes even ME!) to realize which one was which when Tommy stopped me.

     With his impish grin firmly placed on his face he said “Mommy, I really wish Dougie would wear his glasses all the time, because when he doesn’t wear them, I find it hard to remember which one of us I am!”

* balaclava = a winter hat that covers the head and face leaving only the eyes exposed, favored by elementary school boys and bank robbers.


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