Say Cheese, Mommy!


      Life with a shutterbug has its ups and downs…mostly downs! Suddenly Ian has been bitten, and if he finds my camera pleas of “Mommy can I take a picture of the (insert anything here from chair to ceiling to wall to cat)”. Turn him down? Well, sometimes I do, I patiently explain that film costs money and that we don’t want to waste it. Does it work? Not usually. Then he starts with “Mommy, can I take a picture of YOU?”

     I’m very glad I work from home. I love that I can work at any hour night or day and stop when I feel like it. I get regular hug breaks and all the preschool programming and arts and crafts I can stand. I really enjoy the fact that I don’t have to get up hours before the sun, spend my time getting dressed in just the right power suit with the perfect hairdo, flawless makeup and manicured nails.

     “Mommy, can I take a picture of YOU?”

     I stop typing long enough to look at my hair (pulled off my face in a hasty, if too short, ponytail, wispy ends straggling out but NOT in a flattering way), my nails (shorter than my fingers if possible, worn down my too much time on a computer keyboard), my clothes (early morning mom look). Stifling a sigh, I turn to him “Can you wait until I’ve had my shower?”

     “Yeth” he lisps at me, tugging at my heart in the way that only he can. Thankfully, he put the camera down on my filing cabinet.

     “Mommy, can I take a picture of you NOW?” I push the dripping bangs off my face and tighten the towel wrapped around me. “Gosh honey, could you give me a second to get dressed?” Imagining the face of the Wal-Mart clerk who developed THOSE photos!

     Finally, dressed, hair dried, looking decent at least, he sat me at my computer and told me to work while he snapped the picture. No posed images for him, he wanted an action shot. Or, perhaps he just wanted to have one of his Mommy the way he most often sees me…we’ll see what develops.


About ninian-poetree

I live in a sitcom. No seriously. I share a century home with an Englishman and a cat named Sophie. Not living with us are my three sons and a step-daughter who visits every other year or so. I'm a mum, a writer, a teacher and an MUFC fanatic.

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