Who Needs It Tidy?


     So here I was on a Monday morning looking at the long week ahead, and studiously ignoring the growing pile of newspapers, school notes and magazines on my couch. My two school age sons had a day off from school coming up on the Friday. “Why not?” I thought, and promptly invited a friend over for both of them. My middle son’s friend has a younger brother the same age as my youngest so the invitation was extended to include him and his mother. Knowing I had time available – after all this was only Monday – I settled down to work at my laptop moving aside a pile of papers from my dining room table. I added the dining room to my mental list of rooms that needed cleaning for the ‘company’ coming later in the week.

     Friday morning rolled around and I was busy digging myself out from under yet another week of uncompleted housework. “Why didn’t you start on Monday” I chided myself. As I scraped a weeks worth of toothpaste off the counter in the boys’ bathroom, I wondered why we all do this to ourselves. Every woman I know, as you walk into her immaculate home says “Sorry about the mess.” Why do we do it to ourselves? We all have at least two children, though in my neighborhood 3 seems to be the number of choice. Most of the moms either work part time or full time outside the house. I am one of the lucky few who works from my dining room table. And we all have a variety of after school events; swimming, piano lessons, hockey, indoor soccer.

     At that thought, I finished the bathroom and left my bedroom untidied, the bed unmade, and closed the door. I didn’t even wash my kitchen floor, merely wiped up God knows what from in front of the fridge. Disorganized stacks surrounding my computer, I bit my tongue when Angie came through the door with her children. Hanging up the coats I said not one word about the state of my half cleaned house.

     And, best of all, I didn’t die of embarrassment and she didn’t leave in disgust. We had a lovely visit and not once did I worry about the state of the house. So I’ve decided that life is too short to waste it stressing over the little things! When the kids grow up they won’t remember all the time you spent scrubbing the floors. They will, however, remember the play time, and fun time. So drop that dust rag and pick up that Lego. And build something with it instead of putting it away!


About ninian-poetree

I live in a sitcom. No seriously. I share a century home with an Englishman and a cat named Sophie. Not living with us are my three sons and a step-daughter who visits every other year or so. I'm a mum, a writer, a teacher and an MUFC fanatic.

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